Wedding Attire for Men

Choosing the perfect suit or tuxedo for your wedding day might require a lot of consideration. When preparing for one of the most romantic and happiest days of your life, the choice of outfit is essential. From choosing the ideal suit and shirt to pairing the right shoes, pocket square and tie, every detail must be carefully considered. This article offers comprehensive information on men's wedding attire, providing you with all the necessary details to create a stylish, classic and distinctive style for your upcoming wedding and ensure it remains memorable for years to come.


Selecting by Season or Weather

Autumn and winter are the most special seasons you can choose for a wedding with their unique magic. Especially for these special times of the year when dark colors dominate, you can choose 100% wool, wool-cotton or wool-silk blended thick fabrics. When choosing colors, you can look at dark color palettes such as black, navy blue, or midnight blue.

When choosing a wedding dress for mid-spring or summer, you should consider the possibility of humid and hot weather and opt for linen, cotton and silk blended fabrics. For spring and summer weddings, you can choose three-piece suits or tuxedos in light blue, gray, beige tones that are synonymous with modern elegance.

Suit Style According to the Wedding Concept

Another important factor when choosing among men's suits for a wedding is the degree of formality of the ceremony and the place where it will take place. If you need to choose your wedding suit in accordance with cultural codes, social norms and rules, you can get help from some models to reflect this in your choices. For example, if your ceremony takes place in a formal hall, ball or hotel reception, it would be more appropriate to wear a tuxedo.

For more intimate ceremonies, you can choose a three-piece classic suit. If the wedding is taking place on the beach, in a vineyard, garden or in an elegant outdoor setting, you can opt for a light blue, three-piece suit in a cotton-linen blend that adds a bit of shine to your look. Even if the venue and the theme of the ceremony are relaxed, as a groom you should make sure that your outfit is classy and formal.


Wedding Attire Preferences by Color

A suit for a wedding is one of the most special things that men have a hard time choosing. You can get help from the power of colors to make this special outfit choice easier. You can see classic tones such as black, blue, gray, navy blue and beige together in men's wedding suit collections. In such special ceremonies, you need to reflect a formal look regardless of the theme of the event.


Jackets for Wedding Ceremony

Customizing a groom's jacket is the easiest way to make a difference to a wedding look. Suit jackets have many possibilities to add elegance to your style. However, the first thing to consider when choosing a wedding suit jacket is to choose between single button and double-breasted. Since double-breasted jackets reflect a very classic, yet vintage style, single-breasted designs are more common for modern grooms. However, double-breasted models can look great for retro, marine or formal ceremonial style weddings.


Pants for Wedding

When choosing a wedding dress, it is important to make sure that the pants are the right length. You have three different options for this: gapless, half gap and full cuffs. Gapless pants refer to the end where the pants do not touch the shoes. A half-gap is the version that extends to the top of the shoe, which is usually standard on suits. A full cuff reflects the length where the fabric falls over the top of the shoe and is usually folded at the ankle. When choosing a pant leg, it is important to consider your leg length and proportion as well as style.

Shirt is Important Too

Another choice that is at least as important as the suit when combining with the wedding dress is the shirt. When choosing a shirt for your wedding, you should consider both color and fabric. When you are not sure what to wear, the white classic shirt that goes with every color and style is the best option. White both emphasizes the tone of the wedding dress and makes you look fresh. For weddings on the beach, cotton and linen blended shirts in light blue or pink tones can be preferred.


Which Shoes to Wear with a Wedding Dress?

When creating a stylish wedding dress combination from head to toe, you need to choose the right shoes. The first and most important rule in choosing wedding dress shoes is to use black, leather and lace-up designs. However, medium to dark brown oxford shoes can also be preferred with casual wedding dresses in light blue, navy blue or beige tones.




April 04, 2024