Check out SAYKI's shirt collections for the modern man. Every detail is carefully crafted from premium fabrics with an emphasis on a man's class and style. Built on 100 years of experience, complete your suit with SAYKI shirts.

SAYKI Dress Shirts

With many years of experience in menswear fashion, SAYKI dress shirts are made of carefully selected fabrics. Each shirt is crafted with your comfort in mind, not just for formal events or classic looks. Available in classic navy blue, black, white and other colors. Shop our Dress shirts in a variety of fits now.

SAYKI Casual Shirts

SAYKI Casual shirts are made from carefully selected fabrics for optimal comfort. They are produced by using traditional techniques in accordance with modern trends. Breathable shirts that you can comfortably wear all day long will reflect your every mood and occasion.

SAYKI Since 1924

Since 1924, SAYKI, a well-established brand of men's fashion, has used this experience for each of its shirts. You can complement your exclusive SAYKI shirts with high quality suits and accessories. Don't miss the special discount opportunity for new members and free shipping over 150 dollars.

How to Combine Shirts?

Men's shirts are combined according to body type, the color of the pants worn and the environment you are in. You can wear dark colored pants with light colored shirts and light colored pants with dark colored shirts.

What are the types of men's shirts?

Some of the types of men's shirts are as follows: Men's summer shirts, patterned shirt, lumberjack shirt men, cotton shirt, men's sports shirt, bow tie shirt, men's floral shirt, shirt with cuffs, men's winter shirts, shirt with cufflinks.

What to consider when buying a shirt?

When buying a shirt, you should opt for models made of quality fabric that are suitable for your body size. Also, the style and colors of your shirt are extremely important. If you are going to wear your shirt at work, you can buy more simple and formal shirts.