SAYKI, which produces the most stylish and classy suits that you can wear on special occasions, stands out with its gorgeous suit models to be preferred at weddings.

Slim Fit Peak Lapel Patterned Burgundy Classic Tuxedo

Tuxedo Models

SAYKI offers a wide range of wedding suits that cater to a variety of styles, giving you a fit and elegant look that will leave you with unforgettable memories. Available in a broad range of sizes, colors, and prices, we provide numerous models including slim fit suits, vests, and tuxedos. These are crafted from the finest fabrics and with exceptional workmanship to help individuals of different styles achieve their most sophisticated appearance.

White Tuxedo

You can take a look at white suit models to wear the color white, which represents happiness and peace on your wedding day. You will reach the style in which you feel the most comfortable thanks to the white-colored suit alternatives that you can find in different models such as patterned, with vest, without vest or tuxedo.

Slim Fit Tuxedo

Slim-fit suit models, which are frequently preferred especially by grooms with a fit body for summer weddings, draw attention with their patterns that will perfectly match your body and details such as pointed collars and thin mono collars.

Tuxedo With Vest

The vest models, which are frequently used by grooms who do not want to deviate from the classic look, make the body look more fit and tight, and are especially preferred for salon invitations.

Who Wears a Tuxedo?

Tuxedo models designed in black, blue, gray, dark green, burgundy and white colors are ideal for evening events. Tuxedo models, which are mostly worn by grooms, can also be preferred for business invitations, openings, weddings, graduation balls and official events.

Does the Groom Have to Wear a Bow Tie?

If the groom prefers a tuxedo as a suit, he has to wear a bow tie. You can choose a design suitable for the tuxedo you will use among the bow tie types. If you are planning a concept wedding, you can choose colorful and patterned bow ties, and you can easily reflect your taste on your special day.

How Many Buttons on a Tuxedo?

Men's tuxedo jackets are designed with single or double buttons. The arrangement and number of buttons determine the type of tuxedo. Single-button tuxedo models used at the end of the collar appeal to those who adopt a sporty style. Double-breasted designs are also known as double-breasted tuxedos.