How Should Short Men Wear A Suit?

Choosing the optimal outfit for men can be a challenging task, especially given different body shapes and sizes. One of the most important points that men should pay attention to when choosing outerwear is to choose clothes according to their height. Shorter men, for instance, often find it difficult to find suits that fit well and flatter their height. Nevertheless, with the right suit, carefully selected to match their body type and height, even shorter men can exude elegance and confidence. SAYKI has shared important tips for short men on how to choose suits that not only fit well but also boost their style.


1- Prefer A Single Color Suit

Opting for a suit in a single color palette is a timeless style strategy that offers numerous advantages. Choosing the jacket and pants of the suit in different colors will divide the attention and focus on your upper and lower parts separately. For an extra illusion of height, applying the same color choice to your shoes can make a significant difference. This approach not only makes color coordination easier, but also ensures that your outfit has a chic and integrated appeal that is both classic and trendy.


2- Pay Attention To Patterns

If you want to look taller in a suit, stripes are your best friend. They have a natural ability to widen your visual line and give you a taller presence. Although, depending on your body type, suits with checkered patterns can also help some men look taller. At this point, what you should pay attention to is to get to know your body well and choose a suit accordingly. For example, if you are short and thin, checkered fabric will make you look taller.


3-Choose Dark-Toned Suits

Choosing the ideal suit color is very important for those who aim to look taller. Choosing shades such as navy, gray and black can significantly affect your posture and make you look taller. As with patterns, which color will make you look taller depends on your body type. But in general, gray suits make everyone look taller than they are.


4-The Suit Should Be Tailor-Made for You

Choosing a suit that is tailored to your measurements is the key to looking taller. Even if your suit is not custom-made, certain adjustments can be made to ensure a better fit. The shoulders of the suit should align perfectly with your own shoulders, and the chest should neither be too narrow nor too wide. The width and length of the jacket sleeves also play a significant role in enhancing your height. The sleeves should not be too wide, and they should be slightly shorter than the sleeves of your shirt, allowing a small portion of the shirt to be visible. Additionally, the fit of the jacket around your waist is crucial. It should not be too loose or too tight, but rather sit comfortably on your waist when buttoned up. By paying attention to these details and making the right choices, you can achieve a taller appearance when wearing a suit.


5-Choose Your Pants Well

When choosing your suit pants, it is very important that they fit your waist well. A normal waist height is usually the most flattering and offers both height and style. Nonetheless, high-waisted pants are an option for those looking for a different look. Make sure that your pants fit snugly around your hips without being too tight or too loose. Choosing slim fit pants can help you look taller. 


By keeping these points in mind, shorter gentlemen can look noticeably taller and more attractive.

March 21, 2024