Strategies for Overweight Men When Choosing Suits

A suit is a crucial garment for men. However, overweight men often hesitate when it comes to wearing suits. The suits that everyone wears can look different on overweight men and these people may often think that the suit does not suit them. But this does not mean that overweight men cannot wear suits. With the right strategies, overweight men can wear suits confidently and stylishly. Here are some key tips for selecting the perfect suit if you're on the heavier side:


Color Selection Matters

Color plays a significant role in clothing choices, regardless of body type. No matter how thin or overweight you are, if you choose your suit in the wrong color, you may look thinner or fatter. For overweight men, opting for darker shades such as navy, black, and gray can be particularly flattering. These colors have a slimming effect and help create a more streamlined appearance.


Attention to Shirt Patterns

Overweight men should also be careful when choosing shirts to wear under their suits. For example, avoid horizontal stripes and checks, as these patterns can make you appear heavier.


Suit Should Fit Your Body Measurements

Wearing clothes that are larger than your actual size will always make you look heavier than you are. When choosing a suit, prioritize a proper fit that complements your body shape. Avoid oversized garments, as they can make you look bulkier. Suit models that look too big on you will not only make you look overweight, but will also cause you to have a sloppy appearance.


Choose Your Jacket Carefully

The color and pattern of your suit jacket can significantly impact your overall appearance. It is an immutable fact that if you choose a light-colored jacket for a suit, you will look heavier. Additionally, jackets with horizontal stripes and checks, similar to shirt choices, will make you appear heavier than you are. Instead, choose jackets with vertical stripes or solid colors for a more flattering look.


Button Your Jacket

Buttoning up your jacket will make you look much slimmer. In addition, you will look more elegant thanks to the buttoning method, which adds a more formal atmosphere. Here is how to make buttoning method: Button the top button (or middle button for a three-button jacket) while leaving the bottom one undone.


Choosing Jackets and Pants in Different Colors

For a stylish and slimming effect, consider choosing jackets and pants in different colors. For example, choosing dark colors in your overweight areas and light colors in your thinner areas will make you look both stylish and slim. 


Choosing the Right Length of the Jacket

One of the keypoints that not only overweight men, but all men should pay attention to when choosing a suit is the jacket length. However, if the jacket length of an overweight man is longer or shorter than it should be, it may make the body look heavier than it is. Therefore, prefer a jacket that reaches down to where the zipper of the pants ends, covering the hips.



March 19, 2024